heuristics marketing consultants has the experience to help you grow!

 " Consummate team leader who  possesses a diverse array of skill sets which allow  functioning in several capacities whether they be Grant Writing, Project Management , Moderatoring, Coaching & Consulting or  multi-faceted MarCom professionalism. An organization can only benefit from the proven dedication and discipline for any project undertaken"

Lauri Ogden
Director of Communications,  Chase Consulting Group, LLC          

Twenty+ years of recognized experience in nonprofit sector, i.e.

  • Municipal Corporations
  • Faith Based/Community Based Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Departments
  • Human Service Agencies
  • Unions 
  • Professional/Volunteer Organizations.

Endorsed for:

  • Program Management
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Professional Development Training
  • Project Management
  • Leadership. 

Expert in outcome based planning and evaluation.



Established in 1994, heuristics marketing consultants, LLC is a certifiedW/MB Enterprise with access to a highly talented and diverse group of qualified professional consultants.  Our geographic market is the Chicago metropolitan area, and the Midwestern Region, with some specialization in project oversight, program development and design on a national basis.

 Our consultants are trust inspiring, highly effective, ethical problem solvers and resourceful collaborators with recognized experience in the nonprofit sector, i.e. municipal corporations, fbos/cbos, educational institutions, government departments, human service agencies, unions, and professional/volunteer organizations. They are specialists in their various fields and will work with you, customizing5 a plan of action that meets your needs.  


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